The Nordic Tank Gauging System (TGS) is essential for the assessment of tank contents, inventory control and farm management. It provides gross or net corrected tank volume, product level, and temperature information in computer graphics by means of standard communication protocols. Catering to different needs, the Nordic TGS consists of various types of sensors that differ based on their application, such as pressure sensor, radar sensor, bubbling system and more.


  • Customisable based on the particular application (i.e. ballast, fuel oil, bilges, cargo tank and more) required from a wide range of sensors

  • Simple and clear presentation of data

  • Option of smart sensor with Modbus network that reduces installation time and materials by 50%, reduces commissioning, calibration time and costs, with transmitters that have embedded diagnostics

  • Option of radar sensor that maintains accuracy independent of external environment, such as build-up on probe or vessel wall, and product fluctuations

  • Option of bubbling system specially designed to avoid common malfunctions such as lack of air pressure supply or overpressure, and comes with individual channels for each taut for greater reliability