The Nordic Loading Computer is an advanced onboard Ship Loading Program that works on Window XP Platforms, with different modules for General Cargo Vessel, Bulk Carriers, Oil Tankers, Chemical Tankers, Gas Carriers, Rigs, FPSOs, Container Vessels and more.

It also equipped with capabilities such as ballast exchange, loading/discharging sequencer, autoloader, and more.


  • User-friendly windows interface
  • Clear and standardised presentation of reports
  • Hull Deflection calculation (Considering Hog / Sag effect on Deadweight.)
  • Draft Survey to find unknown weights, and to adjust deadweights
  • Option of capability to check for Multiple (various) Load lines
  • Option of Damage Stability module
  • Option for Intact Stability Curve
  • Network version of the software available
  • Able to interface with 3rd party system online